New Dock Construction


Every dock we build is custom drawn for your property. We can incorporate any wants and needs specific to your lifestyle.  We will be happy to arrange for a personal consultation on site.

Dock Repair and Restoration


Because your dock is also an investment for your property it is important to make sure its  in good condition. Sometimes a repair is the only thing needed to ensure that the dock is structurally sound and looking good for years to come.  

Boat Lift Installation


We are fortunate to work with the leading boat lift manufacturers in Southwest Florida. No matter what type of boat you have, we can have the lift  you need delivered almost immediately or custume made to your specifications.

Boat Lift Repairs


Considering that boat lifts have many moving parts and are exposed to the elements, maintenance and repairs will be needed to keep the lift operating safely.  Our knowledgeable team can help with all your boat lift repair needs.

Pile Wraps


Pile wraps are an essential part of any dock in southwest Florida. In the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico we have wood-decaying organisms that can wreak havoc on dock piles in a matter of months. The piles must be kept in the best possible condition to ensure its structural integrity.  

Annual Maintenance Agreement


We have designed a 48 point preventative maintenance checklist that is performed twice a year to give our customers peace of mind that everything is being done to extend the life of their dock and lift.


Kayak Launch Docks

Finally a safe and affordable way to use your kayak  from your dock.




Pile Caps

Decorative Rope

Three Pile Mail Box Posts with Rope Detail


Realtors and homeowners have counted on  us to perform seawall inspections, lift inspections and complete dock inspections.